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The influence of the number 7.

"The association I have with the number 7 is back when before I turned 7 years old, I alway got sick and had to visit hospital often. My body was weak. So my dad made me play badminton. I was stronger immediately and since then, I did not have to go to the hospital again. 7 years later when I was 14, I moved from New Zealand to America. This was the starting point. I had Korean friends, was exposed to korean culture and eventually went to Korea. Further by 7 years at age 21, the group was rewarded "Singer of the Year" in Korea. It is interesting to think that every 7 years, our lives change. It might be be for better or worse depending on how you use that experience to improve yourself."

Another kilometer, another wisdom

"Acting in "Seven Something" has changed the way I view life. I love playing sports, whether it is badminton, golf or tennis. I like sports that invlove a competitor and I didn’t like running because I feel that it’s boring. After I’ve read the script I became interested in how running the marathon and life can relate. This movie gave me the opportunity to run, and I’ve learned to like it. After I started running, my life has changed. At the beginning I did not understand why someone wants to devote his time to run 42.195 kilometers. But after filming I realised running a marathon is not merely for exercising. Because running can be done alone and when we run we will find if we intend to do it, we can do it. Every step taken is not just a step closer to the finish line, but is it a way of overcoming yourself. And we would discover interest things along the way."

P’Keng (Director) and P’Suquan (Actress) as inspirations

"I’m delighted to be working with P’Keng, who is a profound and amazing director. He introduced me to new ways of approacing the work. I was prepared to act out the role intended, but P’Keng told me to be natural. He is patient and treats me like his own child. I feel like my own father is directing the movie."

"P’Suquan is a very dedicated actress. At first I was very worried becuse neither of us are actors. However, at the first scene I was shocked by her professionalism. At the scenes where I struggled, P’Kwan would be right beside and tried to encourage me. I’m glad to be working with P’Kwan and P’Keng."

"P’Opal is the color of this film. She brings with her fun and joy. I feel happy just seeing her. For this film I was very dedicated. It’s not a love story, but it’s a love story that fills you with energy and spirit."

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